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Luxembourg City, Luxembourg City

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About Mindset Coach - Tanja

Working on your inner self and peeling off the layers of limitations that block you from being happy now is such a rewarding work. You'll feel the shift happening and that is giving you even more encouragement to keep going forward. The best way to get to know Tanja is to let her voice speak. "Hey, I am Tanja - Over the last couple years I have overcome adversities and challenges in my life. A lot of them were caused by my own walls that I put up built by beliefs and patterns that were holding me back in the past. I would love to work with you and guide you to find your way to a better self as well and strip away your limiting beliefs that block you from being happy. I will guide you through some exercises and activities so that you can rewire your brain and let go of limiting beliefs. Cause we can all be happier. You don't need to be stuck with the personality you perceive yourself to be with every day. In fact you can develop a flexible mindset and be prepared to handle challenges in a more productive manner. Cause you have the choice each and every day. You have the choice to make this life the life you have always dreamed of." And what can you expect ? You will try different exercises and answer questions to reflect about yourself and the things that block you from becoming a happier person. Strip away the layers, starting from the outside influences all the way to your inner self and learning to control your current mood.


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  • The consultation will take place over zoom
  • You will receive an email with the confirmation of the date and a link you simply click on when it's time
  • Minimum 12hr cancellation policy as opposed to 4hrs!
  • Booking via phone or email
  • To participate in the class, email your check-in key to [email protected] after session