Stim You Up - Miha Bodytec

Kirchberg, Luxembourg

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About Stim You Up - Miha Bodytec

EMS technology can essentially be applied to anybody, no matter the physical form or age. Stim you up studio is located in Kirchberg area near by the Auchan. Don't have enough time to workout ? Take a 1 hour break in between your work. Pick up your lunch and still have time to train. Only 20 min of full body workout. You must try! This technology allows us to work the core muscle groups of the human body simultaneously by eliciting muscle contraction using electric impulses. These impulses are generated by a vest and are delivered through electrodes on the skin near to the muscles being stimulated. This high intensity workout allows us to reach deep muscle fibres, generating results that compare to 4 hours of intense gym workout in only 20 minutes of full body training.


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Good to know

  • The studio is located in a wellness center, Wellnext S.à.r.l., who gathers the services of several medical practitioners.
  • Swiftr client can use the EMS training with Stim You Up studio max 3 times per month.
  • Recommend is to practise EMS 1 times per week.
  • Your first workout will take approx. 15 min + 5 min of explanation and intensity setting.