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Our mission is to inspire you to lead a healthy lifestyle on your terms, by introducing you to fantastic experiences – one studio at a time.

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The training membership that breathes freedom!

Swiftr was developed for individuals who appreciate 100% freedom, in whatever way. You decide when, where and how often you want to work out – without being limited to only one workout studio or a mandatory contract period. We desire to inspire you to discover new forms of training, or to be fully committed and an expert at one single studio – one studio at a time. It is your choice!

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Simplicity and quality

Working out should be both effective and fun at the same time. Since the beginning, we have been working non-stop to handpick the very best training studios in Luxembourg, based on their expertise, knowledge and passion – to fit in to a user-friendly membership. Whether you love to be on top of all the latest worldwide trends, or have an immense passion for yoga, or if you want to play a game of tennis with your colleagues, Swiftr is there for you – with the set goal of you never having to compromise the quality of your workout nor have multiple memberships.

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We aim to promote health

We aim to promote health in whatever shape or form. To us, every single member is important and we always strive to have as great of a selection of classes and studios as possible – at Swiftr there is something for everyone. Not only are our partner studios the key to our vision – but this collaboration also gives them the opportunity to grow their community of supporters and customers – which leads to new opportunities for all parties involved.

  • 40+ studios and gyms
  • 500+ weekly classes
  • 60+ unique activities

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Our story

We founded Swiftr after a long time of longing for a training membership that had it all – that extra something. With a lifelong passion and interest in exercise our founders, Fanny and Johanna, got tired of having to have multiple memberships for the gym, for dance class and for yoga – it was neither flexible, affordable nor sustainable in the long run.

With the idea to gather all incredible studios in one place, the concept of Swiftr was born. Since the beginning, we have been building a fast-growing community of wonderful studios and committed members that love exercising as much as we do. We started in Stockholm, Sweden in 2017 and we are growing at a fast pace in over twenty cities, as well as internationally, and we are excitedly looking forward to sharing our partner studios and our passion with even more amazing individuals!

Denisa, Head of Luxembourg

Fanny, founder

Johanna, founder

Melina, Studio manager

Linn, Studio manager

Jesse, CTO